December 16-17 Beethoven birthday


Der Schwarzer
(Stieler, 1820) and
patented scowl

The birthday in Bonn, Germany of classical and romantic composer and pianist Ludwig van Beethoven, among the greatest despite becoming stone deaf in his early 30s.

He’s most famous for his symphonies, including the Fifth (aka Nobody’s home) and the 9th (includes ‘Ode to Joy’).

Other famous works abide amongst his:


For sure Beethoven birthday trivia must JA! include his fondness for macaroni and cheese, and must not NEIN! include any number of really bad musician decomposing jokes.

Decent recent film bios include 1994’s Immortal Beloved with Gary Oldman and 2005 BBC miniseries Beethoven with Paul Rhys.

Beethoven fans: enjoy this collection of piano sonatas, MP3s with commentary by Andras Schiff. Sehr gut!

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