December 17 – Schubert ‘Unfinished’, Jingle Bell Rock, Snoopy, Radio Radio


von Herbeck, remembered for this premiere

Vienna premiere of Franz Schubert‘s remarkable unfinished symphony, Symphony No. 8.(*) Sawallisch 
It had been written in the fall of 1822, at a time when Schubert first became quite ill.

Jenger, Huttenbrenner, Schubert

In 1823 Schubert gifted it to Anselm Huttenbrenner, with whom it waited 37 years. In 1865 he showed it to conductor Johann von Herbeck. From this date it became a favorite of millions.
It’s thought by many musicologists that Entr’acte#1 of the incidental music for Rosamunde (allegro) may have been originally written as a third movement for the symphony; both works share a similar mood, are in B minor, and have identical instrumentation.


Bobby Helms hits the top-10 with Jingle Bell Rock for the first time.
It charts again in 1958, 1960, 1961 and 1962. For Bobby, born into a musical family in Indiana, 1957 was a really good year: he also charted with Fraulein (US country #1) and My Special Angel (US country #1, pop #7).


Ocala, Florida rock sextet, faux Brits The Royal Guardsmen chart with Snoopy vs. the Red Baron, which peaks at US#2 and sells a million.  ( Website
Snoopy is a dog from US comic strip Peanuts. The Red Baron is a WW1 flying ace.


British band Elvis Costello & the Attractions appear on NBC-TV ‘Saturday Night Live’ in place of the Sex Pistols — who can’t get a visa to enter the US.
Costello is banned for 12 years because after a few seconds he quits playing ‘Less Than Zero‘ and switches to ‘Radio Radio‘.

Radio is a sound salvation
Radio is cleaning up the nation
They say you better listen to the voice of reason
But they don’t give you any choice
’cause they think that it’s treason.
So you had better do as you are told.
You better listen to the radio

In 1989, Costello returns to play SNL’s 25th anniversary show with the Beastie Boys.