An anniversary calendar of events in music history

Yeh, that’s Venus in the upper right.

Dr. Electro’s is an ongoing, constantly growing anniversary calendar of music history. Artists and composers of all stripes … recording and listening technology … unique events …

Most daily posts describe several events. If you want to explore an event in more detail, there are  lots of links to Wikipedia (in green) and many other hand-picked sources (in red). The blue buttons link directly to Youtube videos, usually about the song just mentioned. (They help bring the topics to life!)

Use the search box  to find a date (eg June 5), an artist (eg john lennon), or topic (e.g. “tape music” … using quotes restricts search to that exact phrase).

If you wish, you may Subscribe via RSS; then your RSS newsreader will receive a link to each daily anniversary post – repeated yearly. To see new posts only, use Twitter to follow ‘cudashuda’ (URL ). (NOTE: I chose font-sizes deliberately for emphasis; some WordPress themes ‘helpfully’ iron them out. Hmmm … well, I liked Web 1.0, thank you very much.)

<b>Accuracy is a priority</b>. Links will rot; images vanish; accuracy will not. The facts presented are verified from the best resources found. (Links to Wikipedia and many other sites point to some of them.) Your questions, comments about accuracy are welcome. Chart numbers (EG US#3,UK#16) indicate the relative popularity of songs in their day, and yield insights about artists and their audiences.

Doc E has been trainspotting music history since the 80s. Hope you find many favorite old, and interesting new, people and sounds among these events. Music is a galaxy with more planets than any of us can hope to visit!

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Anniversaries from music history, links to quality articles.