December 28 – Chipmunks, Suicide


Ross Bagdasarian‘s golden imaginary trio Alvin and the Chipmunks (Alvin, Simon & Theodore with ‘David Seville’) hit US#1 with ‘The Chipmunk Song‘, selling $4 million worth in 7 weeks.
It eventually wins 3 Grammies —  in the process, eroding the sanity of many parents who’ve never listened to a song all week before.
The novel brainstorm of the high-pitched ‘chipmunk’ voices was an effect created by speeding up vocal recordings on the still new-fangled tape recorders.
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 Cornerstone of the New Wave 

Release of highly influential Brooklyn No Wave band Suicide‘s eponymous debut album, said to be ‘the first synth pop album’.
While they called their work ‘punk music’ in a November 1970 flyer, the punk scene didn’t quite know what to make of Alan Vega and Martin Rev, the Farfisa organ and primitive drum machine.

Suicide sang about the individual and collective apocalypse, depicting lonely aching souls in a gothic landscape overflowing with fear, paranoia and claustrophobia.
Their work is a lament that carry impulses in the icy silence of the great arteries of traffic: the tender, majestic, moving litany of Cherie, a blend of haunting melodic phrases and delicate tinkling, tribalism cosmic Rocket USA, syncopated maciullante Ghost Rider, Johnny’s psychotic rockabilly, lascivious moans Girl, I Remember the nightmare of the industrial, the anguished funeral requiem for Che.
 — Piero Scaruffi (mod’d since this quote)

They tour Europe with Elvis Costello and The Clash. A June 16, 1978 concert in Brussels turns into a riot, documented in 23 Minutes Over Brussels.
Ghost Rider  (live)  Frankie Teardrop 
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