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December 20 – Rosamunde, Teresa Brewer, 1969 Top Ten, Bangles


Premiere of play Rosamunde in Vienna, with libretto by Helmina von Chezy and (wonderful, famous) music by Franz Schubert.
Talk about a nice favor for a friend! The play is a total flop. Like much of Schubert’s music, Rosamunde is lost until its famous discovery in 1867 by George Grove and Arthur Sullivan. (*) YTSO: Entr’acte no.3  Der Vollmond  Kleiber:Andante 


18 year-old Teresa Brewer records the song Music! Music! Music! with a peppy, jazzy backing from the Dixieland All-Stars.(*) (*)

The single, backed with ‘Copenhagen’, is released by London Records as catalog number 604. Thanks in no small part to promotion by NY radio host Gene Rayburn1{*}, it becomes a US#1 hit and a million-seller in 1950.👁

A great way to start a career; Brewer releases a string of US Top-100 charting singles lasting until 1963; over 25 reach the US top-40. Some of her Top-10s: Till I Waltz Again with You(1952), Ricochet and Baby, Baby, Baby(1953), Jilted and Let Me Go, Lover!(1954), You Send Me(1957).
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1. Rayburn later gains fame as the host of TV’s Match Game for two decades.

The greatest week
in rock history

The Billboard Top 10 albums list for this date:

#1, ‘Abbey Road,’ the Beatles
#2, ‘Led Zeppelin II,’ Led Zeppelin
#3, ‘Tom Jones Live in Las Vegas,’ Tom Jones
#4, ‘Green River,’ Creedence Clearwater Revival
#5, ‘Let It Bleed,’ the Rolling Stones
#6, ‘Santana,’ Santana
#7, ‘Puzzle People,’ the Temptations
#8, ‘Blood Sweat & Tears,’ Blood Sweat & Tears
#9, ‘Crosby, Stills & Nash,’ Crosby, Stills & Nash
#10, ‘Easy Rider’ soundtrack (featuring the Byrds, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and Steppenwolf)
“By the end of 1969, only 20 albums in the history of rock had ever sold 1 million copies.” — Salon: The greatest week in rock history


American all-girl group The Bangles get their second top-10 hit with Walk Like an Egyptian.

Foreign types with the hookah pipes say; Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh; Walk like an Egyptian…

Other hits include Manic Monday (#2 in US, UK, DE), a US#2 with Simon & Garfunkel‘s A Hazy Shade of Winter , and ballad Eternal Flame, a #1 in six countries.
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August 13 – Vernon Dalhart


Texas native singer-songwriter/borrower Vernon Dalhart records ballad Wreck of the Old 97 for Edison. It becomes a runaway hit. (Victor # 19427) Aud

Dalhart moved to NYC in 1910 hoping for an opera career, then began recording in 1916. The song about the Sep 27 1903 derailment of a Southern Railway Fast Mail train near Danville, VA — written, it later turned out, by David Graves George — is country’s first million-seller and the first Southern song to become a national success, selling an unheard-of 7M copies.

In the same year he records The Prisoner’s Song; it spends 12 weeks at US#1 in 1925-26. Both songs will be covered by many later, major stars.

During the ’20s and ’30s, Dalhart uses over 100 pseudonyms to record thousands of 78-rpm singles. In 1981, Dalhart, shut down by The Depression and dead in 1948, is inducted into the Country HoF.

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